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About Bell Bunny : Live Bus Tracking

Bell Bunny Allows School Bus Managers To Remotely Track Their Buses, Drivers, And Students.

Bell Bunny is revolutionizing the way commuters interact with public transportation through its innovative live bus tracking app. Offering a real-time bus tracker, Bell Bunny empowers passengers with accurate, up-to-the-minute information about bus locations and arrival times. This cutting-edge app enhances daily commutes by ensuring users can efficiently plan their journeys, avoid unnecessary waiting, and confidently navigate the city’s bus network. With Bell Bunny’s live bus tracking feature, you can effortlessly sync your schedule with bus timetables, making public transportation more reliable and user-friendly. Whether you’re a daily commuter, a tourist, or someone who occasionally uses the bus, Bell Bunny is your go-to solution for a stress-free, informed travel experience.

Our USPs

What makes us elite

Say Goodbye To Stressful Days

No more missed stops or lost buses. With live map tracking and the routing history, BellBunny helps school bus managers reduce stress.

Students Always Get To School On Time

BellBunny’s live map & routing history helps school bus managers find any missed stops or lost buses. It also helps them optimise routes every day to make sure kids always get to school on time.

Bell Bunny

The Company

With Bell Bunny you can be assured of real-time visibility of your students during transit. The advanced platform is designed to make your job easier with features such as generating trips, viewing how long the bus spends at each stop, notifying delays, and recording attendance. You can now sit back and relax, trusting that the real-time bus tracking platform will do the work for you without any worries!


Our business has established itself as a leader in the GPS industry. We have sustained our standing by crafting resourceful digital solutions to connect with different types of users. We take pride in the confidence our patrons have in our capabilities.


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Safe Kids

With Bells Bunny, you'll know where your kids are, when they will reach school.

Simple & Easy To Use

Just set up a few settings and we'll alert you to any problems. That way, you can rest easy knowing your school bus routes are always in good hands.

Keeps Everyone Organized

We know how chaotic things can get at the last minute. So we’ll help make sure that your school bus driver has all the information they need before they head out into the morning rush.

Never Miss A Bus Or A Child Again

Having 24/7 access to your school bus routes is like having an extra set of eyes on your children. Like when they're getting on and off the bus, or when they're waiting on the corner for their mommy or daddy to pick them up after school - we've got you covered every time!