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How Does Bus Tracking App work?

Live Bus Tracking relies on GPS technology installed in school buses. These GPS devices continuously transmit the precise location data of the buses to a central server. Through user-friendly school bus tracker apps, parents and school authorities can access real-time updates on bus locations. This means you can effortlessly track your child's school bus in real time.

3 Deliverables

Bus Tracking is a school bus tracking app.

Parent App
Driver App
Manager App

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We construct geofence with the most up-to-date tech stack to ensure your business runs efficiently.

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1. Parent App

Bus tracking app for parents helps you to pick your children from their respective bus stops at the right time.

2. Driver App

Driver app helps drivers to check the direction to their upcoming pickup and drop point that includes important children details.

3. Admin Panel

Advanced web admin panel with well-structured code that controls every aspect of users. A dashboard that helps to analyze overall growth.

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What Do You Get?

Guaranteed PEACE of MIND for all the stakeholders involved.

New-Age Tracking
GPS bus tracking is becoming increasingly popular in the new-age, thanks to its convenience and efficiency. GPS bus tracking also helps operators ensure that they are running their routes efficiently and on-schedule, making it a win-win situation for both Parents and School.

SMS/App Notifications
SMS/App Notifications are an important tool to keep Parents updated on their Children and other relevant information. We take this responsibility very seriously, and have dedicated resources to ensure that our SMS/App Notifications are always sent on time. Timely SMS/App Notifications are a key part of our commitment.

RFID based Tracking
RFID based Tracking is an effective solution for businesses to monitor and track their children efficiently.The accuracy and reliability of RFID based Tracking makes it a preferred choice for businesses that need to manage large amounts of data.

Sit Back, Relax!
With the advanced school bus tracking platform, all you have to do is sit back, relax and let it do the work for you! It also notifies you when the bus reaches its designated stops. This cutting-edge technology will help ensure that your children are always safe and in good hands.

Features That Make Us Distinct From Others

Real Time Information

We give live mobile access with our app. Parents can see live location of the bus. Estimated time of arrival. Can call Driver from app directly. They also get instant multiple notifications.

Proximity Alerts to Parents

Alerts are sent to parents 2km before the school bus reaches the pick-up or drop point. They also get notifications when bus leaves the school and when bus reach the school

Notifications to Parents

Real-time app notifications when a kid is picked up or dropped in school.

Safety Alerts

Notifications are also sent when a kid starts from or reaches school.


Precise tracking of the school bus enables parents to plan their time efficiently.

Audio & Video Surveillance

Bell Bunny offers extended safety features with surveillance through camera, audio mic and SOS.

Ease of Use

Bell bunny easy user interface offers multiple language support and adaptability across different OS platforms.

Emergency Notifications

Parents are alerted when the school bus is delayed or any unplanned incidents.

Time Saved

Parents need not waste their time waiting for school bus and kids spend the least time on the bus.

Route Optimization

With the help of historic data, Bell Bunny finds out the most optimized route for the entire fleet. This smart route plan helps the school management to be fuel & time efficient.

Complete Playback

The entire fleet's 180 Days (24*7) is saved and the school management can analyse the fleet movement at any point.

Consolidated Reports

By saving route information for one year, Bell Bunny generates reports & charts that give key insights into fuel management, time efficiency, and route efficiency. We have more then 10 different reports.

Profit Maximization

With zero hardware investments and less human efforts, Bell Bunny is the most suitable solution for school transportation.

Instant Breach Alerts

Immediate alerts are sent to the school management when there is any deviation from the expected behaviours. Speed limit breach, distance limit breach, unauthorized vehicle movement, route changes or delays.

Safety and Security

Kids are secure from any threats and misdoings as the school bus is guarded with an intelligent Bell Bunny system by instantly notifying kid's status & breach alerts to respective stake holders.

Man power saving

With so much of report and self-analysis by the software you just need minimum transport team to manage the fleet

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